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Don Kitt,  Relief Carver and Wood Sculpture

Unique Hand Carving, Kamloops, BC, Canada


 Don's Goal:

To make each carving a truly unique and one-of-a-kind art piece.
He enjoys the challenge of pushing his personal skill level and the limits of the wood just a little farther each time; the joy of being lost in his work and the peace of trusting himself in what he does.
Don's inspiration for his art is found in nature, and his passion for mythology and history shows in his choice of themes. 

His art continuously changes, carving with different types of wood - driftwood, laminated wood, exotic wood - enhancing the right pieces with stained glass and color, while maintaining the outstanding level of detail which defines his work. 

He looks forward to the future as he explores his unique conceptions in wood carving and shares his creative visions with you.










**Member and Past President of the West Coast Woodworking Artisans Society
    (previously North Thompson Woodworkers Guild)


This wood sculpture stands 26" high, 18" wide and 4" thick.
There are two levels of trees creating a depth to the forest.
Three wolves are carved in detail in the forefront.
There is a stained glass window insert at the back
to create a variable "mood" for the forest.
This custom bench is 72" wide, 26" deep and 33"high and made of cedar.
The inset carvings were a tribute to a special person who loved all animals with a special love for bears.
A custom bench can have any animal or symbol relief carved in.
For information or to purchase, please contact Don or Theresa at:
Email:  info@wildwoodcreations.ca
Don cell:  (250) 852-1022
Theresa cell: (250) 852-1021
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